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Learn all about us, Start New Financial, your world-class debt relief company that is the gold standard for getting you out of debt. Call us and find peace.


Know About Us – Our Journey For Your Financial Clean Bill of Health

‘The tide of consumer debt in the United States grew to alarming, historic levels in this millennium, especially since 2008. Welcome to Start New Financial, the empathetic team of debt relief specialists headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who came to be in our patriotic duty to address that debt saddled in American households. You have come to the right place if you are searching for a better way to resolve the burden of your debt problems without having to file for bankruptcy. Over the years, Start New Financial has helped thousands of clients and families eliminate AND save millions upon millions of dollars in debt and from their debt accounts and balances. We listen to you with compassion and show commitment in every interaction. We provide you with all the debt relief options AND savings that end your struggles with debt. We offer absolute transparency and always communicate with transparency. We are always here to help you overcome your debt and become debt-free, putting you back on track financially with wonderful programs that help put your financial life in order from unsecured debt. We create a payment plan you can live with and afford and you’ll have help saving up for your settlement so you can get out of debt faster. We know all the laws surrounding debt negotiation and keep the pressure not on you but on your creditors. We can get you out of debt in 24-48 months. We accomplish more through the client’s collaboration as well as the creditor’s, and are accountable for every client’s success. Until we achieve a debt reduction for you, you do not owe us a single cent. Start New Financial does not charge you any fees until your debts are settled and agreements with creditors are reached. We also do not charge any cancellation fees and you always get all your money back from your escrow account. Our reasonable rates won’t get you back in debt. You’ll even be able to have money set aside for emergencies. Start New Financial is steadfastly committed to helping our family of clients in debt and in always conducting our business honestly, ethically, and professionally.

It is very much worth your while to take some time to look through our site and learn about everything we do to help you, where we’ve been and where we’re going. We completely educate you on everything from credit card debt, personal finance, debt relief, our debt consolidation process, debt settlement, debt management, credit counseling, and so much more. You become debt free with our help and guidance to financial freedom. You never pay anything until we’ve done our work of satisfyingly negotiating the settlement of a debt enrolled in your debt settlement program. Our many satisfied clients tell you of the peace and happiness they have found through us.

Let’s have that transformational conversation, for you’ve worried enough already. Start New Financial always puts the client first and satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call at (800) 320-9083 to learn everything more about our successful debt relief programs. Upon thoroughly analyzing your particular, individualized case and identifying the most ideal fit for you, this world-class debt relief company finds the right program for you. We ourselves would promptly inform you if Start New Financial is not the solution to your debt problems, but we also help you see it for yourself because we educate you with all the information you need to make informed choices. We keep extended business hours just for you and on this very page you can fill out our free, no-obligation debt-relief quote form. Our team of certified debt relief specialists looks forward to speaking with you to start relieving you so you can take back control of your finances ASAP and enjoy peace. Start New Financial provides you with a clear plan to get you out of debt ASAP and back on track to a healthy financial future. We are proud members of prestigious organizations with integrity, such as the American Fair Credit Council and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Managed By Experienced and Empathetic People

You receive all the attention you deserve and enjoy the successful benefits of our quality work that is always ensured by our collaborative approach. Every professional, experienced member of our world-class Start New Financial team is passionately dedicated to awarding every eligible client with a personalized debt settlement program that creates a brighter financial future of peace and satisfaction for them.

On an ongoing basis, each member of our critically acclaimed team consistently strives to develop personally and professionally, in order to provide you with the most effective and beneficial, top-notch wealth management service and advice.

We work very hard each day to earn your trust to best serve you, and we are honored by it when you enroll in one of our programs. Start New Financial solves your debt problem.

Mission Statement

Focusing solely on the financial wellness of families and individuals is what Start New Financial does as a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve financial freedom, have peace of mind, and build wealth with the valuable educational services, confidential counseling, and all other beneficial financial solutions provided with such resolve by our certified professionals. Helping individuals and families achieve freedom from financial debt through debt settlement is the core focus of our mission. We always apply our valuable expertise and rich experience to ensure that our clients are able to accomplish debt reduction with the least possible payment amount and term, saving as much money and time ASAP. Start New Financial solves your debt problem. We want to see you free of your debt for less ASAP, saving you as much money as possible. It is priceless to us when we witness your relief and joy, mixed with disbelief, when we help make you debt free, knowing we contributed to such. That is the best part of this for all of us.


Our vision is to always enable all the individuals and communities we serve to achieve their every financial goal, as the gold standard in being the most trusted and effective resource for financial literacy education, products, and services.

Core Values

Start New Financial is a firm believer and practitioner of integrity, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, transparency, reliability, accountability, commitment, dedication, empathy, consideration and solidarity with our brother and sister humans and clients. Start New Financial’s core values strengthen our mission and ensure that even as we continue to grow, we still always deliver the same amazing product and service to our valued clients.


Our top priority is and always will be our dedicated service of complete satisfaction to you. Understanding your unique situation and ensuring you are completely taken care of from all angles by always going above and beyond with the extra mile for you is what this signifies. We offer the complete menu of every possible debt relief program and service, from debt advice and credit counseling to debt consolidation, debt management, and debt settlement. We specialize in debt consolidation and debt settlement, and have some of the best certified credit counselors in the industry.


We know all too well that debt causes emotional distress and anxiety in your life that gives rise to burdens of stress and sleepless nights. Every one of our world-class team members you speak with truly cares about you and not just cares about solving your problems. This is why: Compassionate is who we are; helping people alleviate and rid the stress of their financial debt is what we do.


To serve all those who are faced with overwhelming financial hardship, Start New Financial always maintains a consistent gold standard level of excellence through a sense of public responsibility, the constancy of purpose, innovative leadership, and strategic measurable goals.


We offer and promise you total transparency and honesty so that you can have peace of mind and feel comfortable. Ulterior motives or hidden costs will always be absent in any of all our business practices. We make you confident, by every manner in which we proceed, that we will always stay true to our word because we understand uncertainties and questions may arise.


Start New Financial remains committedly accountable to our high standards of service as ensured by our professionally prepared reports, financial plans, correspondence, debt reduction, and debt resolution strategies. The standard of our obligation, in the most professional manner, to provide the best possible services, is established from the very first moment we speak with a client, because we are a world-class company that interacts directly with each of our clients.

Come gain financial stability with our debt settlement program that consolidates your unsecured debt into one simple monthly payment without a loan. To determine if debt settlement is a good fit for you, Start New Financial has you work with one of our debt specialists one-on-one. Your eligibility is identified after all your accounts are thoroughly reviewed. We then go ahead and prepare a free estimate and plan customized to your individualized financial circumstance that includes a detailed budget to ensure the program is affordable to you. We always obtain your written authorization every time we are about to settle with your creditor a debt that’s enrolled in your debt settlement program. You are never alone, for Start New Financial helps you comfortably navigate all the stages of the process of your debt relief program. We are always with you every step of the way, from making any necessary early changes and assisting in your gathering of all important, relevant documents, to handling any creditor calls. We never rest till your program is a complete success and you finally are debt-free. We never forsake you or leave you stranded; so that you can get the precise help you need, we always point you in the right direction if debt settlement isn’t it. Call us TODAY for your FREE consultation where we can offer you the best debt advice. If you were looking for the best debt relief company, then look no further for you’ve found us!

5366 Plainfield Ave NE Suite B, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Monday- Friday: 9am – 8pm

Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

Tel: 800-320-9083

Email: info@startnewfinancial.com

What Sets Us Apart ?

What sets us wide apart from others is:

  • Transparency of full disclosure
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Admirable success rate
  • Save the client so much money
  • Clients have a high level of trust as the program proceeds and they see how we genuinely are
  • An incredible level of personal service to the client every step of the way
  • All compensation is performance-based with 0 upfront fees – Start New Financial does not charge its clients any fees until one or more of their enrolled debts are successfully settled to their complete satisfaction.
  • We solve your debt problem
  • Accredited by the American Fair Credit Council
  • Maintain an A+ rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau and accredited by them
  • Always has a human approach to debt relief
  • Help client become debt-free the soonest possible
  • Pay nothing until we successfully save you money in our negotiation and settlement of a debt of yours
  • A world-class specialist team of professional debt negotiators
  • Develop a personal professional relationship with each of our clients
  • Licensed to operate in all provinces where we have offices
  • We only hire elite staff who are professional, caring, empathetic, and who will strongly advocate for all our clients in every area
  • Won’t stop working until you’re completely satisfied
  • Put customer satisfaction at the center of our company’s culture
  • We are trusted by consumers and have earned the respect of your creditors through long-term working relationships
  • Possess a huge portfolio of creditors with whom we have a close relationship
  • We don’t just solve debt problems, we help to rebuild lives
  • Have the highest level of commitment to clients
  • We utilize the best way that works for your financial goals
  • Accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)
  • Credibility – certified by the American Fair Credit Council
  • Expertise – dedicated team of experienced professionals who work with you one-on-one to establish the best plan of action for you
  • Education – We always educate all of our clients with information that will help them find the best debt relief options individualized to their particular circumstance.