Crossroads Financial

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Businesses that do not qualify for bank financing are provided inventory financing solutions by Crossroads Financial. They occupy a unique niche in the market-place: Lines of credit backed only by Inventory starting as low as $500,000. Their financing is a perfect fit for Retail and E-commerce businesses who are unable to find a traditional line of credit. They don’t finance accounts receivable or factor, rather they partner with factors and receivable lenders offering those products. By partnering with other lenders, they are able to provide maximum availability to borrowers and create new opportunities of lenders looking to put on transactions they couldn’t put on without Crossroads Financial.

Crossroads Financial has the transparency of what you see is what you get, and prides itself on being straightforward and open with its clients. It has shown the commitment over the years of its dedication to its clients that continues well past the initial funding. Not only do they want their clients to succeed in the short term, but they are persistent in helping their businesses prosper in the long run. They understand the challenges associated with capital constraints and work diligently in order to fund their clients expeditiously.

Crossroads Financial has been providing inventory revolving lines of credit and purchase order financing solutions to clients for over 14 years. Their team consists of highly experienced individuals with a deep understanding of the asset-based lending space.

Every business has its own challenges, and they make sure to provide a financing solution that caters to the unique needs of each of their clients. When banks say no, Crossroads Financial says yes. They provide the chance for underperforming companies, or newer businesses, to secure financing when the traditional sources of capital are unattainable.