Do Nothing

When you do absolutely nothing about your unmanageable debt that has overwhelmed you and crippled, not only your finances, but your personal life as well, the nightmare will just continue getting worse by the day. That is why it is an emergency must that you contact Start New Financial right away so we can promptly get to work on rescuing you without further ado, to stop your suffering and worrying, and bring you the peace you?re so desperately anxious for. Your mental and emotional health depend on it!

Fear not, for Start New Financial is here to shine the light and bring you peace

Don?t just sit there

You can?t just sit there and do nothing while your world crumbles! Sometimes it feels like the easiest thing to do, to make like an ostrich and block out our fears and hide from our problems. But it?s not an easy impossibility.

Take Action

It certainly isn?t the best and wisest thing to do, either. You must take action! The only action required of you is to pick up the phone and call Start New Financial TODAY, for we?ll do absolutely everything else to give you back your life.


It?s priceless to have one?s life together with peace. Everything from appetite to sleep are affected. Stress, anxiety, and worrying are all finito. No one likes problems, because consequences and penalties are never a sweet, joyous thing.

Debt Free!

How wonderful it is to not owe anything anywhere, to not have to carry that worry with you wherever you go, having to penny-pinch and never being able to buy that little extra something you?re always wanting. Start New Financial gets you there!

Do Nothing at All

For most Americans, debt has always been a way of life, from the moment you start college and are bombarded with credit cards by their respective companies. For the most part, that is bad debt. But there is also such a thing as good and great debt as well, such as when life deals you a prized, great hand where you fund an education and prestigious, lucrative career, or a business and home. Very importantly, good debt is always manageable and never overwhelming. Yet, even by design, we?re not all so lucky nor always, regardless of your best attempts and intentions.

In today?s world, Debt Relief has evolved to become a very essential, vitally indispensable service. It has always been a service of great importance, yet it would have its doubters who would view it as a gimmick that, to them, was not valid, was more of a stigma for the manipulators-of-the-system types than a real service to actual society. But today, this great service has more than proven the solid nature of its true value and importance, through results, deeds, and action, because it is more surprising – a miracle -? if you?re unable to find a family with at least one member who has been the beneficiary of Debt Relief.

For those who consistently have a steady income and their debt is neither overwhelming nor impossibly unmanageable to them, debt relief is unnecessary and they wouldn?t qualify for it either – even if they wanted it.

But for all those who are living and experiencing the polar opposite, debt relief becomes mandatorily necessary if they want to have a life while avoiding bankruptcy.?

Yes, because even those fortunate enough to be able to pay the bare minimum on their credit card debt, for instance, would be dooming themselves to a generation of debt – something like 27 years – before they can finally claim to be debt-free. That is because, without debt relief, most of that minimum payment will be going, not towards the principal balance of their debt, but towards their high interests and late fees and penalties, etc.?

Just imagine what the extremely poor, dire quality of such a life would be! They would hardly, barely ever have any money for themselves to take care of their personal needs and likes, and peace, a good night?s sleep, joy, happiness – all the good things – elude them? for like 27 LONG YEARS!!! Relationships destroyed, while divorce and suicides escalate and skyrocket!?

This is precisely why Start New Financial came to be, to save good folks and families from this, when life?s circumstances and Destiny have dealt them such a terrible, losing nightmare of a hand? because we do realize that things do happen in life – that it is not always a case of the debtor maliciously trying to get over or being purposely irresponsible by design.

So debt relief is a very important and great lifesaving service that is particularly necessary when we are dealt such a horrible nightmare of a hand beyond our control, such as what COVID-19 has so profoundly done to jobs and the economy worldwide. The reaction of pure relief and thrilled joy of our clients, right at the moment they are finally able to declare to be completely free of any debt, is so rewarding and priceless to us and what we strive for. Choosing debt relief provides you a road out of your debt that is a life-changing experience in an improving manner.?

?So remember you are never alone, that we are always here for you, and that you have available very workable options beneficial to you. You never have reason to feel bad or guilty for seeking help with your choking debt, either, and your credit score will be good once again in not all that long of a time. What one can?t take or get back is all the other things from the damages of overwhelming, impossibly unmanageable debt, such as the sufferings, hardships, relationships, memories, years, and life.


Start New Financial makes it so simple and easy for you that we put you on the road to financial freedom without you having to do much more than what you?re already doing for your debts. It?ll be less and better for you, because you?ll make just 1 monthly payment that is lower than your current obligations.

Start New Financial is with you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey to financial freedom is a resounding success. We make everything easy for you, and start you off by offering you a FREE phone consultation, where you can talk all you want and call all you wish. That?s how we get your entire story, your complete financial and personal status to thoroughly analyze, so we may identify the right fit that is the best solution for your particular, individual situation.?

All our enrollees become our family and we do not relent in our fight for your best interests until you are fully satisfied and debt-free. Our determination is coupled with a realistic plan in harmony with the client?s means and resources (the size of whatever small income they may have). It is priceless, the great feeling you enjoy from getting a second chance, from no longer feeling helpless, alone and hopeless, and from being empowered to right the wrongs and prove you?ve learned from experience. Please do not commit the mistake of doing nothing; do something by calling Start New Financial TODAY!

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