Learn How We Resolve Debt Just Like Yours.

Debt is impossible to forget. When you're staring down a snowballing credit card balance and ignoring annoying phone calls from creditors, it can be a stressful situation. Get expert advice today to resolve your debt.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your debt? 

When you enroll in our proven debt relief program, you may have to do less than you think. Our program does take some time and persistence to complete and we can't promise that you can enroll with us and be free of debt tomorrow.


However, we do promise to take the proper steps and we do all we can to reduce your existing burden of unsecured debts. We work on behalf of every client who qualifies for our program, and the results that we've achieved are unparalleled. 

We focus in reducing the balances on credit card debts, medical bills, repos, business debts and other unsecured debt. We also work so creditors don't bother you at your home or work. 


These days, the news is skewed, regular folks are dealing with cutbacks, shrinking retirement accounts and few available job positions. For many consumers, debt - from cc bills and medical financing to personal lines of credit  - offers an apparent escape from day-to-day financial pressures.


Not all forms of credit are bad, and many folks are able to use debt as a way of increasing their purchasing ability. When you're dealing with a plethora of priorities, however, it can be tough to keep your finances organized. If your expenses are rising more than your income, you're going to have to deal with it at some point. 


Recognizing that you need to do something about your debts is an important step on your route to savings. Whether your credit problems have become an emergency or you're merely looking to fix your deficit before its late, you have several options available.


Thinking About Just Paying The Minimum Payment On Your Credit Accounts?


Bad Idea.



When many start thing of paying off credit card debt, they start the easiest path: the "minimum payment." By law, credit card issuers are required to set a minimum monthly payback amount for each member. These payments are calculated on the cardholder's balance, APR and other factors.


Minimum monthly payments can be too low. If you're carrying a balance of $10,000 on a cc, your monthly payment could be $200 per month. Depending on your net income, that could be well within the 

means of you and your family.


Of course, credit card companies always want something in return for their investment in you, and they get it in the form of extremely high interest rates.


Here's an example:

If you make the minimum payment on a $10k balance with an 18% APR, it'll take 46 yrs to pay off your balance and cost you an extra $28k in interest payments. With an interest rate of 21%, the same balance will take 87 yrs to pay off completely and rack up more than $64k in interest charges.




Worse, these figures only apply to those who stop using their credit cards. If you keep making charges, you'll find yourself even more screwed.


Looking for a Debt Consolidation Loan? 

Look Harder.



Debt consolidation loans are a mass marketed product for consumers who fall into debt. These credit facilities exist for the sole purpose of paying off outstanding unsecured debts and do their job quite well. When you get a debt consolidation loan, your lender pays off your existing debt and starts billing you for the balance.


A debt consolidation loan works like any other loan. As long as you make your payments on time, you'll pay off the loan. For those with good credit and big debts, this may seem like a good option.


There's a catch. While debt consolidation loan providers like to lend to low-risk consumers at good rates, they're don't seem to work with people who have poor or fair credit. In fact, most lenders won't approve a debt consolidation loan with bad credit.


This isn't good  for the tens of millions of American consumers who struggle with overwhelming debts and poor or fair credit. Since having long-term debt increases your chances of missing payments, running up bigger balances or messing up your credit, debt consolidation lenders don't have large potential applicants available to choose from. Unless you've maintained a stellar credit score during your debt, you might have to look elsewhere for help.

Start New Financial:

Debt Resolution That Keeps More In Your Pocket


Here at Start New Financial we focus on consumers and small businesses to find the best options to reduce and eliminate their debt. We find the best solutions that fit your personal needs and financial goals. We strive to not only reduce your debt, but to set you up with the tools and knowledge to have a successful financial future.

We offer the expertise and resources to help you determine the best plan of action to reduce your debt. At Start New Financial we offer a range of programs to help get you back on track to a strong financial future. We offer Credit Counseling to get you back on track with your credit card payments, Debt Resolution to reduce the amount of debt you owe through negotiations. Our credit counselors and debt resolution experts can help you find a program designed to meet your needs without breaking your budget!


How a Debt Resolution Program Works

In a qualified Debt Resolution Program, a financial consultant will review your current situation and evaluate your income and expenses. Once your consultant has a clear and detailed picture of your finances, we will help you build a budget that will allow you to save money each month that will be used to negotiate with your creditors to reduce the outstanding balance on your credit card accounts and resolve your debts for less than you currently owe, and on a payment plan you can manage. We help you review your current financial situation in order to identify ways we can help you better manage your budget and find ways to help you save. Depending on the amount of debt you enroll in the program, and how fast you are able to save money, many of our clients are able to complete the program in 24-48 months. This is a way to pay off your debts significantly sooner than by just making the minimum payments. In our Debt Resolution Program, you are never charged a fee until we are able to reduce the amount of debt that you owe.

If our proven debt relief program seems like a fit for your financial needs, give us a call during standard business hours or fill out the no-obligation free debt relief qualifier on this page. Our debt relief agents are standing by.

Proven Results.

What is Debt Resolution?

Debt resolution, also known as debt settlement, is a method of dealing with unsecured debt outside of bankruptcy.
Clients, on a monthly basis, put money into savings.
Once sufficient funds become available, Start New Financial works for—or sometimes with—clients to negotiate settlements of the client’s enrolled debt accounts with the client’s creditors.

Why not do this myself?

While you certainly may perform similar services on your own behalf, Start New Financial is able to negotiate better settlements with creditors given their expertise and experience in the industry.
Debt resolution can also be a very time-consuming process. Many of our clients appreciate the assistance and time savings that StartNew Financial can provide.

Can anyone enroll into Start New Financial’s Debt Resolution Program?

No. Start New Financial only accepts qualified individuals into its Program. One important requirement is that an individual must have suffered from some form of financial hardship. The hardship must have materially affected the individual’s ability to repay debts when due.

Can I enroll all of my debts into Start New Financial’s Debt Resolution Program?

No. Start New Financial only enrolls unsecured debt into its Debt Resolution Program. Debt that is secured in some manner—whether by way of mortgage or security interest—does not qualify for Start New Financial’s Program.

Find out how much you can save with a personalized Debt Resolution Program by enrolling with us today.

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Results and outcomes reported on this site relate to individual clients that abided by the terms of the Program and Program-related recommendations from Start New Financial. Results may vary depending on individual circumstances, especially for those clients that withdraw from the Program before Program completion. Please DO NOT rely on information or testimonials on this site as a promise or guarantee of similar results. Information is presented solely to demonstrate that Start New Financial and its clients have achieved success in the past. In all cases, the service agreement between you and Start New Financial will supersede any materials set forth on this website.

Clients who make all monthly Program deposits into their respective settlement accounts typically pay Start New Financial between 20% and 25% of the total amount of debt the client enrolls into the Program, depending on the state in which the client resides. Start New Financial does not charge its clients any fees until one or more of the enrolled debts are successfully settled. In the event Start New Financial settles one or more—but less than all—of a client’s enrolled debts, Start New Financial only charges the client a fee based on the amount of enrolled debt actually settled.


The average client’s Program length is between 24 and 50 months, although in some cases Program lengths may extend beyond 50 months. Not all clients are able to complete Start New Financial’s Program for various reasons, including a client’s ability to save sufficient funds. Start New Financial’s Program length estimates are based on Start New Financial’s past experiences with clients, creditors, and debt collectors. Everyone’s circumstances are different; the characteristics of a client’s individual Program may vary from what is typical.


Start New Financial does not assume its clients’ debts, make monthly payments to creditors on clients’ behalf, or give clients tax, bankruptcy, accounting, or legal advice. We do not provide credit repair services. Start New Financial’s services are not available in all states. Please contact a tax professional to discuss potential tax consequences associated with settling debts for less than the full balance. Please read and understand all of Start New Financial’s Program requirements and Start New Financial’s service agreement before enrolling into Start New Financial’s Program.


The use of debt settlement services will likely adversely affect your creditworthiness. Utilizing debt settlement services also may result in (a) the balances of your enrolled debts increasing due to the accrual of legal fees and interest on your accounts and (b) you being subject to collections actions or lawsuits brought by your creditors.