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These are some of the testimonials/reviews from some of our satisfied clients placed on BBB and FB and social media of the excellent service we always provide.

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Over the many years, Start New Financial has become the gold standard that creates great results for countless clients because we take a relentless, very caring, people-first approach to debt relief. We never charge upfront fees and everything we do is with integrity. Start New Financial is a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), which helps set ethical standards for the debt negotiation industry.

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I just want to thank Mike Sandoval for taking care of us and helping us get back on track and to have a great credit again. Been with them for three months and 4 settlements have been done. Great experience and thankful that Mike helped us with this process.

Mark M

Christian was excellent and very detailed with the explanation of the program! He was great!

Carmen S

Lordii and Christian were very informative and I learned a lot about how to deal with my credit cards. We had a great evening and I was glad they could try my fried chicken!

Marcia H

I have made 1 payment into the start new program and they have already come to terms with one of my accounts! I did not expect to see results this quickly. Thanks to Nick T for getting me set up on this new plan. I feel very confident and excited moving forward with the program.

Peter B

Michael was so genuine and so helpful in every aspect. He truly has a gift with people and making them feel comfortable and safe with making the decision to choose your company. Even Kylie, his supervisor, I absolutely adored her. What a great team those make. Dynamic duo for sure. I’m looking forward to my future and getting out of debt and that is thanks to Michael and Kylie. Thank you!!

Rachael N

Anthony C was very helpful and kind. He explained everything thoroughly and left me with some free information and explained my financials and credit report to me.

Oscar M

Eri and Fabrice were very respectful and explained everything in detail. I am very happy that I opened my door to them. Thank you for everything.

Jenny S

Fabrice, was very versed and knowledgeable about the services being offered…I can recommend anyone seeking financial help to consider a consultation…it’s life changing especially during these uncertain times

Franklyn S

Fabrice was very professional. Shared a lot of important information in an easy to understand manner.

Robert P

Christian really took the time and effort to explain the whole program and benefits of signing up. I feel like I should be paying him directly! 5 stars all the way!

Devon J

A stranger knocked on my door, it was dark outside around 6 o’clock. She told me what company she was from, what she did and I didn’t believe her. She sounded genuine. I invited her inside and she said she had to move her car. I went outside to check on her, she drove off because she double parked. I ran back inside because I thought maybe she had someone else with her and she was going to rob me, but nope! This is the year 2021 and all I have to say is that Santa Claus came early this year and helped me out. I tried with so many other companies but no one would help me, no matter how loyal I’ve been to them. I’m eternally grateful

Robert G

Anthony C was great! He was patient and considerate with all of our questions and took his time explaining in detail what our options were and gave us time to discuss amongst ourselves what we wanted to do. There was no pressure and honest answers during the entire process. I will definitely be recommending Anthony to my friends and family.

Meagan B

I cant thank Noah and Olivia enough for assisting me in getting out of debt! them coming to me and working with me personally at my home was a great touch. They explained everything in detail, and i cant wait to be debt free. Thank you Noah and Olivia, and thank you Start New!!


Fabrice gave a very informative review of my options. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. I would recommend him!!!

Micheal M

Marc is very knowledgeable and extremely professional. A pleasure working with him. Highly recommended.

Bert B

Christian was the bomb! He explained everything in detail and I truly understand everything about the program! I’m so glad he knocked on my door!

Jessica G

Asia was extremely helpful in setting up a program to help me with my debt. I am confident it will be resolved the best possible way. Thank you for your professional and timely help!

Steven K

Anthony C is an excellent rep. He helped me out with my out of control credit card debt. Saved me from having to file for bankruptcy and ruining my credit.

Jonathan A

Lordii is very professional. She is very knowledgeable about her company. I believe her sincerity on helping me getting debt free

Elsie M

I’m so grateful Ernesto S had stopped by and knocked on my door. I’m so happy this company comes out to you face to face since I’m a little older. I like that I can actually see who I am dealing with. Start New Financial you have changed my life forever , I can finally put this debt behind me and we can start saving and doing more of the things we enjoy.

Ellen S

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the Ability to correct the never ending revolving door of paying off credit card debt Tristen was very professional every step of the way Thank you ***********

Mike Y

Marc was very informative, patient and helpful. He answered all my questions and easily walked me through the process. 5/5.

Vivian O

Lexianny showed up at my doorstep. So I sat down and listened to what she had to say. She was very thorough and very informative. All the help I received was amazing. She even came back to help me review to make sure I had put in all the cards I needed. She went above and beyond. Wish more people were as professional as she is

Carol W

Dylan N was Awesome! I was skeptical at first, after discussing the benefits that StartNew Financial offered, I gained great relief. He was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and very informative. I highly recommend start new for any financial needs.

Loretta M

I have made 6 payments within the program and already 3 out of my 6 accounts have been settled! One of the accounts are completely paid off while the other two are in payment plans. My local representative Akemi has been a huge help and has been with me the entire step of the way, I’m so glad to be with a company that actually cares. 🙂

Giovanni N

I got my free financial evaluation with Dylan N**** and I have to say it was an awakening experience. Dylan explained everything great and in detail. All my questions and concerns were answered and addressed. I’m very happy with the service he provided. Dylan was super friendly, really helpful and definitely knowledgeable.

Katrina R

Jennifer and Anthony fue muy buena su ayuda estoy satisfecha con la ayuda gracias

Liliana F

It seems like I’m in the right place.

Kim Peter P

My experience as a new member is excellent. I just signed up with them, Rose Star and Nick T helped me and walked me through everything. They were very helpful, explained everything to me and took their time to work things through. I look forward to getting off of debt this year with their help. They make a great team and they made me feel comfortable moving forward with this big step.

Jenn C

Asia helped me find a better way to manage my debt. She made the process very easy and simple to get me on the right track financially.

Deonte M

Penny and Asia did a great job explaining every aspect of the program to me and helped get me started on a new path to debt relief. They made me feel comfortable and helped me figure out what my best options are without making me feel scared or pressured into signing up.

Leona B

I was in a position in my life where I thought I would never be able to own a house or a car or even have good credit at all with all the debt I had, I was in a dark tunnel and couldn’t see the light. Thankfully I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Laura and Andres and they helped me come up with a plan to pay off my debt. When the meeting was over I walked out that office with a smile on my face, I felt like I could breathe a bit better and in all honesty I felt like a new person, they were amazing. I highly recommend working with them.

Cristina R

Eri M***** is simply a wonderful representative who is very knowledgeable about the product he represents. It was definitely a pleasure doing business with him, Definitely a value to your company, Hope he’s able to grow intellectually with your company. Thanks.

Rodrick S

Asia,a wonderful rep,very well spoken and clear. Helpful in explaining information and explaining the program.

Willie T

Eri and Fabrice were very professional with their presentation and demeanor. I didn’t feel pressured into the program, everything was explained in a simple clear way. I’m very glad I answered my door.

Raven N

Anthony C He was very professional and very articulate in his presentation and demeanor. I did learn some new things that I found very useful regarding my financial welfare. I believe he is an immense asset to the industry and believe he will flourish as time goes on. He has a lot to offer and a bright future ahead.

Shivavrata G

Fabrice is very good at what he does his customer service is a one plus

Kellonie M

I would like to thank Kenneth and Ernesto who came to me and explained the program in depth. They were very informative and I am happy to be working with the best at Start New.

Diane Y

Anthony C is friendly and personable when he first approached the door. Once he got my attention, he was very thorough and attentive to my questions and I decided to go for this program right away.

Huiying H

Marc A was very personable and professional. He did a great job explaining everything. Very glad he explained to me!

Cheryl S

Christian was an amazing help. He explained everything very clearly and was very patient. I definitely recommend his and Start New’s services!

Joe S

Akemi was great at explaining the program. She came over to speak to my daughter but ended up being able to help me out. I was looking into bankruptcy but I really didn’t want to take that kind of hit. I was glad to be able to sit down and go over any and all questions right in front of me.

Yency C

Tatum and Manny were very helpful and thoroughly explained the program. They were very informative.

Jimmie R

Alexavier and Christian stopped by my house and truly helped me out. I’m so glad they were in the area. I can finally have a second chance at my finances and can now start saving money for me and my family! Thank you guys!

Matthew D

Anthony C was very professional and personable. We had several thousand in debt and Anthony helped our family be able to breathe a little better with our financial situation.

Delilah M

Marc and Fabrice did an amazing job explaining the debt relief program and helping us understand the benefits of paying off debt in a reasonable amount of time plus cut interest rates. Great program!

Kimberly W

Akemi and Fabrice are great! They were very informative and were able to get me into a comfortable program where I’m able to take care of all of my debts in one low monthly payment. I’m happy that I’m on track to being debt free!

Camille D

I sat down with Dylan N today to discuss my finances. He was very informative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend you to talk with Dylan if you have the opportunity.


Asia was very helpful, she explained the process thoroughly and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. She was very professional.

Glenda H

Desi sat with me and helped us understand our financials and the process that they have to get back on track. She was truly wonderful! Very warm and understanding but to the point when she needed to be. I am so glad to have Desi helping us.


Muy feliz por michael.s y mangcol por venir y ayudar mi esposo salir de la deuda. Y tambi’n por su trabajo me ayudaron terminar con 4 de mis 9 cuentas

Maria M

Anthony C showed up at my house telling me he can fix my debt and showed me this program. After listening to his explanation I immediately knew this is what I was waiting for.

Saneth P

Akemi was very efficient and explained the program very well for me. She was friendly and not pushy at all. Even though I am not going through with the program, she still was kind in explaining my options.

Robert C

Kayla was great! She made sure I understood everything! She took her time and never ran out of patience. It really opened my eyes and really looked forward to my new start! Shout nick t also for sitting with me the first time also!!

Alyssa A

Nick T and Christian were so friendly to me at the door and were so helpful. They explained everything in detail and made it very clear. I feel like I can finally breathe, getting out of debt. These 2 young men were so kind and professional. They deserve a nice long paid vacation for the work they do! So grateful!

Lois H

Anthony C was very professional in the way he spoke. He has a way to approach people in a likable way. I’m grateful for this guy. Give him a raise!

Eliezer M

Asia – was an amazing help to my financial life- I’m truly ready to Start New Financially – she is an amazing person with an awesome personality and very knowledgeable and helpful – I look forward to my future financial life

Tyler C

Asia was the most knowledgeable and delightful person I could’ve dealt with for this experience. I am very glad to have met her.

Jana W

Marc and Anthony C were very informative about getting rid of my credit. I would recommend them to help others.

Jamila W

Lordii and Rose-Star are excellent representatives. They came at a great time. I needed changes in my financial situation. I’m so grateful. They were very pleasant. Explain the problem in Full details. Helped me understand my financial crisis and was willing to help me. Thank you ladies

Shelly S

Fabrice is a very nice young man. I enjoy doing business with him. He made me understand everything I needed to know about debt relief.

Lyneth B

Marc was really friendly and thorough. This is my first time doing a program like this. I was apprehensive but looking forward to getting rid of debt. He answered all my questions and had a really great customer service demeanor. He’s a leader.

Sahadeo R

Marc and Anthony C were extremely great explaining the services and breaking down how this program will help me tremendously in getting out of debt way much earlier and reducing the heavy interest that I would be burdened with for decades ….so happy to start this program and really looking forward to being debt free

Ryan K

I liked the one on one in person approach. Ryan G***** and I built an immediate rapport. I felt like he took ownership of my situation and was sensor in helping me overcome my financial obstacles. He was passionate, professional, and solution driven in helping me achieve my goal. I trust in the partnership that’s been developed between me and Start New.

Johnny B

Christian was the best! He was so friendly and I’m so glad he came to me at my car door. He and Start New are great and have allowed me to regain my financial freedom!

Ashley W

Andres was recommended by another client. I was curious and then I decided to follow up with it and I was pretty happy and satisfied. And I would be happy to recommend this to someone else. I would like to thank Andres Lopez for being so helpful and attentive and because of him I will be free in 2 years.

Rose W

I would really like to thank Eri for explaining in detail what the program had to offer. Having someone who has the patience to explain is great and the visuals helped a lot too. Thank you!

Estrella S

Marc was very, very professional. He fully explained the debt resolution program in detail and made it very easy to understand everything. I’m so thankful that he came to explain everything to us. Very excited to become debt free!

Lucia B

Emmanuel and Tatum were so helpful in explaining the program and showing how this would benefit me. They were professional and polite during their presentation. I am glad the showed up just in time for the new year, giving me a start on my New Year’s resolutions. Thank you guys so much!

Richard A

Anthony C was excellent and he is very helpful. VERY PATIENT because he was able to answer all my questions, and I did have a lot of questions. I’ve heard about programs like these but didn’t fully understand them so I’m glad he stopped by and took time to explain the plans completely.

Adwoa A

I was skeptical at first when Anthony C came to my door and woke me up, but once he started explaining more about the company and my options I loved what he had to say.

Michael B

Emmanuel and Fabrice were pretty helpful and very good at explaining the details of our plan. They walked us through every step and made us feel confident in our choice to proceed with startnew-settlement.

Gregory P

Thank you, Diondra and Sari. They paid me a visit, explained the program to me, and helped me through the process to get me through my financial trouble.

Mark Z

WOW!!! With just three payments into this program StartNew has taken care of one my creditors that had an outrageous interest rate. =) I’m so happy I gave Fabrice a chance!!!

Lloyd S

Fabrice is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. His explanation was superb in words that one can fully understand, I am really pleased with his disposition.

Lydia S

I have had the pleasure of meeting Asia over the weekend to discuss the services StartNew Financial had to offer. At the end of the day, I felt very comfortable with the experience and had the knowledge available to me to make an informed decision. Asia is definitely one of the best to work with for anyone looking to have debt relief.

Ivan S

Emmanuel and Fabrice were so helpful and professional while explaining the program to me. Not only did they explain my financial situation, they’ll save me so much money with the program. I’m grateful to both gentlemen for knocking on my door offering giant financial relief.

Barbara P

I started the program back in February 2020 and already have a credit card paid off and the settlement was for more than half off what I owed! I already have another card in progress, things are going great! Jennifer R has been super helpful and supportive throughout the whole process, I just got a call from her to check in with me on how everything is going, so nice! I highly recommend the program if you’re in financial trouble!

Melissa B

Tristen was incredibly helpful at explaining the program. Everything was very straightforward and I’m thankful for all his help.

Betzabe G

Dylan and Mike were amazing and very helpful. They took their time to explain every little detail, and took me step by step on how they work. They made my wife and I feel secure and cared for. I definitely recommend StartNew Financial. Thank you very much for your time Dylan and Mike.

Joe G

Asia caught us by surprise but it has been a very good surprise. The whole experience has been far less painful and the relief of debt worrying is over.

Elaine H


I trusted and felt comfortable with Desi. She helped me out a lot and explained really well about all that was happening. Highly recommend to anyone looking for financial solutions.

Reyna M Ortuno Gonzalez

Nick T and Dylan M were very polite and helpful. You for the assistance.

Louella Beck

Jennifer helped me out a lot today…she was very personable and explained the program well. I was not expecting her but am glad she came to help me out. Thank you!

Kathaleen Speer

I got my free financial evaluation with Michael Sandoval and I have to say it was a great experience. Michael explained everything well and in detail. All my questions and concerns were answered and addressed efficiently. I’m very happy with the service Michael provided. He was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Jenny Rojas

Anthony C was so engaging, thorough and helpful. He is so empathetic and goes above and beyond to try and help you! I could not have asked for a better person. If you’re going to do this program, I suggest going with him and getting fully informed. Wish you all the best of luck!

Christine Anita Peters

Jennifer and Andrea were fantastic and helped out and explained everything! They helped so much. They deserve raises!

Samantha Nevins

Akemi was friendly, awesome and wants to help me get out of debt.

Linda Nelson

Kinda hard to say cause everything was awesome. From the time we started (and everything was properly explained and easy to understand) to the end (which did take a little bit, specially I am very inquisitive), the gentlemen (Kris and Jake) were so courteous and helpful, like never ever before (any other people). Believe me other people don’t tell you the whole story and only give you half answers which will hurt you more than help you.
So anyway the team was super and forever I will be grateful to them.

Jose Ramery

Nick and Anthony were very professional and explained the program in great detail!! definitely happy with the services I received

Sachiel Alexis

Anthony C was very amazing and explained everything very well made me feel very comfortable of accomplishment of my goal

Damaris Felix

Akemi and Tayler were very pleasant. They explained the program to me very well. I’m glad to start new

Oscar Santana

Desi is my representative and she made the process easy. She helped me see my financials in a new way, and made the possibility of debt-free living real. She’s pretty amazing. She’s real and understanding. I appreciate having her as my rep. I feel so much relief now!

Lisa Cervantez

Christian was the best! He was so friendly and I’m so glad he knocked! He and Start New have helped me regain my financial freedom!

Mizzinnocentz Cherry Pie

Alex and Michael, they were excellent. They told their presentation and going through the step on the start new financial I will tell someone about their work. I am very happy.

Nicole Greene

Anthony C and Marc are awesome , everything was well explained. They deserve a raise , I’m very thankful they knocked on my door today , unbelievable. thank you guys

Sandiya Priya Persaud

Dylan N was Awesome! I was skeptical at first, after discussing the benefits that StartNew Financial offered, I gained great relief. He was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and very informative. I highly recommend start new for any financial needs.

Loretta Rizzuto Midgette

Anthony C was very sweet and explained everything in detail. I would highly recommend using him for this program.

Debbie Rodriguez

Anthony C. did a great job working with my wife and I to understand the program. He took the time to walk us through and was very thorough. We are so grateful for your help!! You deserve a raise

Oscar Ynoa

Nick T and Alex L were amazing. I feel like I can finally sleep at night. These two were a godsend. Thank you start new! Amazing company!

Mimi Castin

Jennifer and Anthony, were amazing, very helpful. They took their time to explain every little detail, and took me step by step on how they work. They made my husband and I feel secure and cared for. I definitely recommend StartNew Financial. Thank you very much for your time. Jennifer and Anthony.

Jaquelin Espana

Jennifer and Anthony helped me figure out what a disaster my finances were. They were so helpful and knowledgeable. Very nice to talk to also. Thanks again for all your help!

Jamie Lynn Lopez

Akemi and Leanne were super friendly. They went over my options with me. They aren’t pushy and are allowing me to do my research, I’m looking forward to reaching back out to them soon.

William Salas

Amazing customer service by Anthony C.! Answered AND re-answered all of my questions! I am very excited for this new journey! Super grateful for the experience that Anthony introduced and explained to me! #startnewNow

Angela Hunter

Nick T was a lifesaver. I thank God that this nice young man knocked on my door. He has answered all my prayers. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

Dahlia Green

Alexavier Colon was amazing, at first I was hesitant about the program but Alex was able to answer all my questions and concerns . I felt very comfortable going forward with the program. Thank you so much Alex

Alexandra Almanzar

Desi is absolutely amazing. Very thorough and patient with answering all my questions. The face to face interaction made everything feel more personal. I highly recommend their program. Desi truly wants to help improve your current situation.

Jesus Barrera

Nick T and Kayla need a raise. They did a good job and they were well professional. super cool people had a great experience!

Jennifer Palmer

I got my free financial evaluation with Dylan Noble and I have to say it was an awakening experience. Dylan explained everything great and in detail. All my questions and concerns were answered and addressed. I’m very happy with the service he provided. Dylan was super friendly, really helpful and definitely knowledgeable.

Katrina Rizzuto

Dylan and Mike came by my house super friendly and explained everything clearly, they assisted me to get into the program I am now on my way to get debt free. Thank you Start new I will definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks again!

Julia Estevez

Jennifer and Alex L. came to my house today and helped me with my finances. They were amazing. They were great at explaining everything. Made me feel very secure. Was a pleasure dealing with them.

John Hinde

Anthony C. great with information super knowledgeable very helpful 5 star rating

Tre Faulkner

Jerome and Penny were very fantastic with me, they made sure I understood everything and made sure I was happy.

Miguel Rodriguez

I sat down with Dylan N today to discuss my finances. He was very informative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend you to talk with Dylan if you have the opportunity.

Andrew Biscardi

Nick T and Fabrice were a great help. They were very patient and professional. Thank you start new for helping me out with these credit cards!

Sonia Archer

Leanne Villani was great! Extremely personal and put me at the ease needed to discuss such personal things . I did not qualify because I humbly have paid off my debt this year but wanted to check my status with what I have today. I see great things in her future!

Nate Rothwell

Start New financial is a great company! They were super easy to work with and very understanding. I had the pleasure of working with Felicia and she was able to settle my fathers first account in only 2 months !! Huge thank you to the company!

Theresa Andino

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