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We offer you a free phone consultation where we get to know you and everything about you, financial and personal, so we can best help match you up with the right, most ideal service and program – all with the goal of helping you become debt free for less money and as soon as possible. Our debt specialist will thoroughly review your finances, income, means, and debts, to help create the most comfortable monthly payment for you as well as help you prepare your budget. With full transparency and no upfront fees, you will know your options.

This FREE phone consultation is your first important step to financial freedom


During your Free phone consultation our debt specialist calculates your income and your means to help shape and prepare your budget and monthly payment to what you can comfortably afford. This helps them to be tailored to your specifications.


We break down all your debts, creditors, interest rates, payments, everything so we can know how to best approach them and/or consolidate them, and with which program strategy and (amount of) new monthly payment we should best proceed.


Budgets are so very important and hold your expenditures accountable. Through our thorough calculation of your income, means and finances, we are able to help you prepare the best budget for you, where you can make the most of your money.

Monthly Payment

Together we come up with just one single monthly payment for you that is the amount you can more comfortably afford to easily pay, an amount that is usually much lower than what you were paying and the ideal one you always wished you were paying.

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If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed with high-interest credit card debt, or any unsecured debt, and not being able to make monthly payments, all you have to do is call Start New Financial for your FREE consultation by phone and we will be able to offer free advice for debt, such as free debt consolidation information, to find the best solutions for you. We are one of the best debt advice agencies around. Our world-class Start New Financial is one of the free debt advice agencies that helps you lead a financially stable life! Your first step to start your journey to financial freedom is simply to make use of and enjoy your FREE consultation by phone with one of our certified credit counselors who are debt specialists that will enrich you with free advice for debt, free debt consolidation information, and will guide and help you find financial freedom once they analyze the entire picture of your individualized situation and finances. This is why this free debt consultation phone call from you in your free consultation is so vitally essential, because it’s caring, sincere, with no-obligations, and sets you on track if you’ve been lost or confused with your debts and finances.

We are one of the best debt advice agencies in providing you with free debt consolidation information, as well as for debt settlement, debt management, or credit counseling programs. If you qualify for a debt relief program, we promptly let you know in in our free debt consultation after thoroughly reviewing your entire body of debt and finances; then we select the best one for you that greatly helps you become debt-free for less ASAP. You are also given free debt consolidation information, and if you choose to enroll we can get you started immediately. It will always be entirely up to you with no obligations; we give you our free advice for debt, that includes free debt consolidation information, and tell you what is best for you depending on your particular personal situation. FREE consultation debt relief with free debt advice is dispensed by us just like a parent to its child right over the phone. You can’t expect less from one of the best debt advice agencies in the nation! That is what truly sets us apart and made us the gold standard in the debt relief industry from all the free debt advice agencies. Start New Financial provides free advice for debt and saves our clients a lot of time and money as we help make them debt free. Our highly-experienced debt counselors focus solely on your financial wellness during the free consultation debt relief and entire process of freeing you from debt. We are professional and compassionate financial experts that are always here for you with our free debt consolidation information and free advice for debt to guide and help you:

  • Understand your financial situation and goals
  • Explain ALL your best debt relief options
  • Offer free recommendations on how you can best get out of debt
  • Provide free debt consolidation information
  • Develop a personalized action plan to best meet your goals
  • Handle everything for you and not rest or leave you alone until you’re finally rid of all your debts for less
  • Save you as much money and time as we help make you debt free ASAP for less
You just call your free debt advice agency Start New Financial and we provide you free debt consultation with all the necessary debt-counseling sessions right over the phone, that includes free debt consolidation information. We do not require any appointment of you for free consultation debt relief by phone. However, if you prefer, you can meet with us in-person at one of our locations. Scheduled appointments are required for in-person meetings, not for free debt consultation by phone.

Regardless of your financial situation, Start New Financial counselors are always here available and eager to help you become debt-free, starting with free consultation debt relief over the phone with free debt consultation. We always find a way during our free consultation, whether it’s free debt consolidation information or whatever your case may be. We still haven’t lost anyone to bankruptcy in the many years we’ve been bringing peace to thousands of families. That is what expertise and experience gets you, when coupled with empathy, integrity, commitment, reliability and responsibility that can be felt right over the phone during free consultation debt relief. It also helps that we have a great working relationship with most creditors and lenders in the US.

Our Financial Counselors Truly Care

We treat you with care and respect. You’ll be able to tell right away in our free debt consultation that we’re committed to your success in becoming debt-free. Your call will be answered by a caring, compassionate expert who understands that financial hardships happen to good people, particularly with the devastation COVID-19 has had on the economy and jobs globally. Life has become much more difficult than it had been. We take all the time necessary to calmly listen to you and thoroughly review all your debts, finances, and overall life situation. There will never be a charge or obligation to you. Start New Financial counselors start by helping you from the heart. All our counseling and advice is free, and when we receive our modest fee for something, it is strictly performance-based; this means that nothing is ever charged upfront, even when you’re already enrolled in a wonderful program of ours. Our performance that we receive a modest percentage for is for every debt we help you eliminate that we help you settle for much less than what you owed, thus saving you a lot of money and time. You’re gonna love us! We are all a family! Just call your free debt advice agency Start New Financial TODAY for FREE consultation debt relief and you will see for yourself. To us, it is absolutely PRICELESS to notice the reaction of profound relief and thrilled joy our clients exhibit the moment they are finally debt free. It is what we love best about being able to help you and what makes it so well worthwhile! And it all starts with that most important free consultation debt relief phone call, where we start by offering free advice for debt and touch on everything from free debt consolidation information and debt settlement during this free debt consultation. So don’t wait any longer and CALL one of the best debt advice agencies TODAY! Cheers!


Start New Financial’s debt relief programs are designed to help people regain control of their out-of-control debts and finances while substantially reducing their unsecured debts so they can have peace and save lots of money as they become debt-free ASAP for less than they originally owed.

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