Global Clients Solutions, LLC

Payment Processing Services

The account set-up and administration of special purpose saving accounts are provided by Global Client Solutions and utilized for accumulating funds towards the settlement of certain debts. The debt settlement company would be responsible for meeting the terms of any agreement entered concerning debt settlement, not Global Client Solutions. Global Client Solutions is an independent third-party payment processor for debt settlement companies and their consumers who are enrolled in debt settlement programs.

This company is not a debt settlement company, and does not provide debt settlement nor debt negotiation services. This company provides and manages dedicated accounts that allows consumers to save funds and to utilize to pay their debts with the help of a debt settlement company.

Global Client Solutions’ account management services enhance the integrity and efficiency of the debt settlement process. Global undergoes annual independent audits performed by nationally recognized firms including a SOC 1 audit of controls and BSA/AML, IT/GLBA, and NACHA rules compliance audits
They have 17 years in business and have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2005. The following is their address and contact information.
Tel. (800) 398-7191
Global Client Solutions
4343 S 118th East Ave
Suite 220
Tulsa, OK 74146-4400
FAX (866) 355-8228